New RAGE 2 Trailer Shows You Need Superpowers to Become a Wasteland Superhero

By Rebecca Smith, 18 days ago
When RAGE 2 releases in May, players will be able to create mayhem in a new environment by becoming a Wasteland Superhero, at least according to a new trailer anyway. The great news about that is you'll need superpowers and nanotrite abilities to do this.

According to Lead Combat Designer Peter Johansson, the team created the abilities to support the "aggressive, push forward, close- to mid-range combat" in which the game specialises, because the whole point is you get into your enemies' faces while killing them. You can see exactly what he means in the trailer below:

While there are several abilities that players will be able to use throughout the game, Avalanche Studios didn't want to spill everything. Instead, they shwcased four of the main abilities in the above trailer.


Rain destruction from above with Slam, a devastating ground-pound attack. The effectiveness of Slam is based on height; the higher up you are, the more powerful the Slam. Grab some air with a double-jump and smash your enemies into chunky red goo.


When you absolutely need to get people out of your face, hit them with Shatter, a lethal kinetic blast that forces enemies away from you and sometimes just outright makes their heads explode.


Vortex lets you pull your enemies out of their comfort zone. Aim and toss Vortex near a crowd of enemies to yank them all toward one spot, leaving them primed for a well-timed grenade, rocket or other area-based attack.


Toss out your own portable shield with Barrier. Block incoming fire and instantly kill pretty much anything that comes into contact with your Barrier. A well-timed Barrier and Vortex combo will drag your enemies directly into your killer shield.
Players will be able to upgrade each of the abilities, with over 70 upgrades available between them. For example, VOrtex can be upgraded with an anti-gravity field to hold enemies in the air, making them easier to hit. Barrier can be upgraded with Touch of Death so that anything that touches the shield is turned into a meat cube. Other abilities they described were Rush, a speed boost when sprinting, and Grav-Jump. The former can be upgraded with double sprint speed or invisibility, while the latter can be upgraded to allow players to float in the air.

The more enemies you kill, the more you'll fill up your Overdrive meter. This increases the limits of both weapons and abilities, giving them "unique attributes". Weapons might get a homing ability, or the ability to juggle enemies in the air, for example. Overdrive also reduces the cooldown for all abilities. As Johansson says:

Overdrive represents the climax of a streak of aggressive, adrenaline-fueled play. It gives the player a nod that they are playing well and rewards them with a boost. It plays a central role in the core combat loop. In addition to the frenzy-like effects, you move faster, kill quicker and regenerate your health. If you learn how to master Overdrive, it can quickly become an integral part of combat, allowing you to take on harder enemy locations with less powerful equipment. On higher difficulties, playing in a way that charges Overdrive fast becomes a key to survival.
RAGE 2 with all of its abilities and upgrades will be arriving on consoles on May 14th, so you have plenty of time to think of imaginative ways to terrorise your enemies in the meantime.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the RAGE 2 achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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