Generation Zero Collector's Edition is Now Horseless

By Rebecca Smith, 18 days ago
At the end of January, developer Avalanche Studios revealed the Collector's Edition for their upcoming open world shooter Generation Zero. Amongst the other goodies the edition contained was a 7-inch wooden Dalecarlian horse statue complete with the game's logo. Unfortunately, due to supply issues, the version of the Collector's Edition that contained the horse will now be delisted and replaced with a new Collector's Edition.

Collector's Edition

You might notice that the new version of the Collector's Edition, seen in the image above, is almost exactly the same as the old version, just without the aforementioned horse statue. To clarify, the new edition will include a copy of the game, a t-shirt, a Steelbook game case, a cloth map of the game world, and four postcards adorned with concept art, all packaged in a Premium Box. The new version will now retail at US$69.99/€69.99, which is $10/€10 cheaper than the previous version.

Those who desperately wanted the Dala horse need not worry, though. While the supply delay means it will arrive too late to be included in the Collector's Edition, publisher THQ Nordic is working towards a solution where the horse will be offered as a separate item at retail "later this spring". Meanwhile, the game will arrive as scheduled on March 26th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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