HITMAN 2 The Politician Elusive Target is Available Now

By Rebecca Smith,
HITMAN 2 continues to provide Elusive Targets for Agent 47 and players to take down. The latest of those targets, known as The Politician, is now available for all players, including those who have only downloaded the free Starter Pack.

The Politician is other wise known as Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating. She's the disgraced former New Zealand Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs after she was discovered embezzling charity funds and placing them into her offshore accounts. She may have successfully placed all the blame on the charity's director, but her reputation is still in tatters and she's seeking to rebuild it. To add a layer of protection while she does that, she's believed to have a body double at events, but it's not the body double that Agent 47 needs to take out. You can get a look at your target in the trailer below:

Players will have from now until March 18th to take down the target at the Hawke's Bay location. Like always, there's just one attempt allowed — fail and the target is gone forever. Completing the target will not unlock a location specific suit reward for Agent 47, but it will count as one target towards the cumulative Completion Suits.

As well as the Elusive Target, IO Interactive has planned a whole month of content for the game. The Butler Did It Challenge Pack will be released on March 14th, and players will be tasked with completing six challenges while dressed as a butler. This is followed on March 21st by a new Featured Contract known as Murphy's Law, and a new Sniper Assassin map on March 26th. The latter will task players with taking out three targets and their bodyguards. You can see the full roadmap below:

March Roadmap

The Politician is available for elimination now, and remember to make a note in your diary for the rest of the content due to arrive in March.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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