Crackdown 3 Keys to the City Coming Soon

By Rebecca Smith,
Sumo Digital's Crackdown 3 was released nearly a month ago, yet the team has been diligently working away trying to fix some of the game's issues and implement new features. One of those new features will be Keys to the City, an update that unlocks all of the developer tools for players to use in the game. While the team is getting that ready for release, the latest update, Update 4, has arrived, fixing several of the bugs PC players were finding in Wrecking Zone, as well as making some changes to the campaign.

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Keys to the City for Crackdown and Crackdown 2 previously included a variety of cheats, such as God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, and the ability to freeze time. The studio is looking into exactly what they want to include with the Keys to the City update for Crackdown 3, and this includes new ideas as well as the modes players enjoyed the most from before. The mode should be arriving in approximately eight weeks time.

Meanwhile, the campaign update includes rebalancing of two boss fights on higher difficulties, an updated crime map, and several other bug fixes. There are fewer notes for the Wrecking Zone part of the update, but you can see a full list of those bug fixes in the spoiler below. Xbox Live parties are still conspicuously absent, but the team promises the functionality will still be coming.

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Update 4 is available now. We'll bring you news on Keys to the City as soon as we hear anything.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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