Forza Motorsport 7 Update Adds RTR Spotlight Cars

By Rebecca Smith,
When Turn 10's Creative Director, Dan Greenawalt, revealed the team had started work on a new Forza game, the team insisted that they wouldn't be dropping support for Forza Motorsport 7 anytime soon. They've kept to their word by scheduling the game's newest patch to be released today. The March 2019 Update adds three "drift-ready" RTR cars, improvements to collisions, wheel updates, and the start of the Forza Race Regulations (FRR) beta.

The three new Spotlight cars are RTR cars driven by Formula Drift stars Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa — the 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5, the 2018 Ford #25 Mustang RTR, and the 2018 Ford #88 Mustang RTR. All three cars can be seen in action below:

The team has made changes to Collision Assist to prevent players from using the feature to push cars around the track. They've also made changes to side-by-side collision friction and bounce off physics effect to try and make collisions perform more accurately. Meanwhile, wheel updates have been made to per-car wheel tuning, dynamic damper behaviour, load sensitivity tuning, and wheel telemetry. Other major changes to the game include the layout of the Track Limits menu system, and the introduction of a drift cockpit camera. You can find a full list of all of the changes introduced with the update in the patch notes.

Finally, the FRR beta begins tomorrow, March 13th. Initially, a small beta will be open only to Turn 10 developers and a small number of invited players. The only element to be tested initially is track cutting and will include aspects such as time penalties, although these won't affect a player's final placement after the race is completed until after a further update in April. The team is looking to extend the beta to all players in April and will take place over a period of several months while more functionality and features are tested.

March 2019

The March 2019 update is due to go live today.

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