Red Dead Online Beta Adds Spoils of War

By Rebecca Smith, 8 days ago
While fellow Rockstar title Grand Theft Auto V continues to get weekly updates for its online mode, Red Dead Redemption 2's Online Beta isn't refreshed quite that often. Still, three weeks after the game's last update, Rockstar has added a new game mode into the Showdown Series — Spoils of War.

Spoils of War

Spoils of War is a team-based mode that sees up to 16 players defending their stockpile while simultaneously trying to steal loot from their enemies. The team that manages to steal the most is the winner. The matches will take place on maps such as Fort Mercer and Valentine. Winning just one Spoils of War match will reward players with eight Dynamite Arrows that can be picked up from the Post Office or Camp Lockbox. In addition to that, players who take on any of the Showdown Modes this week will be in line for a 20% XP boost.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co Catalogue will also receive regular updates. Upcoming rare clothing will be displayed as "Coming Soon", and when these items become available, they'll then be marked as "Limited Stock". If it's marked as "Out of Stock" you're out of luck for now, but Rockstar promises those items will return to the store at a later date. The latest rare clothing update includes:
  • The Tasman Outfit (Male only)
  • The Danube Outfit (Female only)
  • Tied Pants
  • Hitched Skirt (Female only)
  • Winter Shotgun Coat
  • Gardenia Hat
  • Squat Stovepipe Top Hat
Spoils of War and the rare clothing is available now.

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