Battlefield V Firestorm Mode Officially Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 days ago
One of the surprises revealed for Battlefield V before its launch was that it would indeed be including a Battle Royale mode despite assurances to the contrary. Unfortunately that mode was delayed past the game's release, instead due to arrive in the third chapter of content that begins this month. Ahead of the mode's launch, DICE has officially unveiled Firestorm with a new trailer and details.

The Battle Royale mode will see 64 players battle in solo mode or in four-player squads as they fight to be the last people standing. Despite the map being ten times the size of Hamada, there's a deadly ring of fire getting ever closer. Players will have a range of weapons and vehicles to find, including combat vehicles, artillery strikes, and some high-risk, high-reward Objectives that will definitely give an advantage. Squads will be able to share their equipment and revive fallen squad mates.

Next month, DICE promises the mode will be expanded with new features and improvements, including a Duos mode. However, a lot of the other information unveiled in last week's leak is yet to be confirmed or denied, so make of that what you will.

Firestorm will arrive for all Battlefield V players on March 25th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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