Vaporum Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 5 days ago
We have just picked up the Vaporum Achievement List.

There are 38 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret

Vaporum Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Loremaster Read all notes and listen to all phonodiaries. 50
Recruit Bonecrusher Score 250 blunt weapon hits on enemies. 10
Veteran Bonecrusher Score 1500 blunt weapon hits on enemies. 20
Sokoban Push or pull a pushable object 200 times. 10
Walker Walk 3000 tiles. 10
Tripper Walk 9000 tiles. 20
Gravity Killer Cause 25 enemies to die by falling. 20
Recruit Destroyer Deal 100,000 damage. 10
Veteran Destroyer Deal 250,000 damage. 20
Recruit Throatcutter Score 250 blade weapon hits on enemies. 10
Veteran Throatcutter Score 1500 blade weapon hits on enemies. 20
Recruit Evader Evade 200 enemy attacks. 10
Veteran Evader Evade 750 enemy attacks. 20
Botslayer Kill 100 mechanoids. 10
Botsmasher Kill 250 mechanoids. 20
Manslayer Kill 100 humanoids. 10
Serial Killer Kill 250 humanoids. 20
Shield Apprentice Block 30 enemy attacks. 10
Shield Expert Block 180 enemy attacks. 20
Gadgeteer Use gadgets 50 times. 10
Tinkerer Use gadgets 300 times. 20
Recruit Gunslinger Score 150 handgun hits on enemies. 10
Veteran Gunslinger Score 900 handgun hits on enemies. 20
Recruit Rifleman Score 75 rifle hits on enemies. 10
Veteran Rifleman Score 450 rifle hits on enemies. 20
Crit Lord Score 2 critical hits in a row with any weapon. 10
Crit Overlord Score 3 critical hits in a row with any weapon. 20
Hoarder Fill your inventory to the brim. 10
Runkralf's Legacy Equip the Runkralf's item set. 25
Oldschooler Beat the game on the Old School mode. 50
Elite Beat the game on the Elite mode. 75
Hardcore Beat the game on the Old School and Elite modes on at the same time. 100
It's Over Defeat the main boss. 50
Speedrunner Beat the game within 90 minutes. 50
Man Up Beat the game on the highest difficulty level. 25
Ninja Take no more than 3000 damage in a single playthrough on Hard or Brutal difficulty. 50
Keen Eye Find all regular secrets in the game. 50
Mystery Find the super secret room. 75
Vaporum is a grid-based dungeon crawler RPG in an original steampunk setting, inspired by old-school classics of the genre. Stranded in the middle of an ocean, in front of a gigantic tower, the hero has to find out what the place is, what happened there, and most importantly, who he is.
Vaporum is developed by Fatbot Games and published by Merge Games.

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