No Man's Sky Beyond Update Arrives This Summer

By Rebecca Smith, 10 days ago
No Man's Sky is a story of a developer not giving up. Despite a shaky reception when the game was first released, developer Hello Games put their heads down and issued a series of updates that have completely changed the game from its initial form. The latest of those updates has been revealed, and "Beyond" will bring a "brand-new social and multiplayer experience" to players on all consoles.

The Beyond update will actually include more than just a multiplayer update — it will include three updates that were initially due to be released separately. The first of those updates is No Man’s Sky Online, which will offer new ways of exploring the universe by allowing all players everywhere in the game to come together. Despite this, the team doesn't consider the game to be an MMO so the update will not require a subscription fee, nor will it include micro-transactions.

The developer has promised more news to come on all aspects of the update, but for now, you can get the briefest of glimpses of the update in its reveal trailer:

Beyond will arrive for free this summer.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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