Trials Rising Patches Will Adjust Leaderboards and More

By Nicole René, 1 month ago
Post-launch development begins for Trials Rising soon, and the developers at RedLynx have already begun making plans for future updates. The first to arrive in the game is a new patch, built upon community feedback since launch.

Trials Rising

Unfortunately, not every issue will be addressed with the first patch. However, the team noted that they will continue to respond to complaints and implement changes later on. For now, only the stadium finals will be corrected:

Stadium Finals: There will be a fix for the bug that prevents players from improving scores by matching them against top scores from the leaderboards.

Some of the additional fixes for the game are as follows:
  • Leaderboards: The highest priority for the team is to remove cheated or glitched scores from the leaderboards. In addition to this, they are also investigating the occurrence of scores not saving.
  • Progression: There are plans to provide additional opportunities to earn fame and unlock tracks faster.
  • Inventory: There will be a fix for the bug that causes items in a player's inventory to duplicate, maxing out the available space.
  • Gear Crates: There will be a fix for the bug that prevents players from earning Gear Creates from leveling up. The team is also looking into rotating the content within them to add more variety to the rewards.
  • Track Editor Saves & Track Central: Finally, the team is looking into reports of save files going missing, as well as prioritizing improvements for the track sharing platform.
Although there is no official release date for the patch, players can expect an update within the next two weeks.

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