How To Unlock Clans in The Division 2 - And Join The Official TA Clan

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
One of the season's biggest games is finally out now for all players. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is Ubisoft's massive (no pun intended) follow up to their loot shooter that took the genre by storm in 2016. A new clan system allows for up to 50 players to join a clan together, work toward communal goals, send and receive messages, and squad up quickly and easily with like-minded players. We've created an official TrueAchievements clan for The Division 2 and we'd love for you to join. If you're just getting started with the game, you may be wondering how to unlock clans at all, since the game doesn't spell this out too clearly. Here's how to unlock and join clans in The Division 2.

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Complete the Viewpoint Museum mission

Throughout The Division 2, you'll be recruiting allies to join your cause at your base of operations, the White House. One mission, titled Viewpoint Museum, allows you to recruit an NPC named Grace Larson. Once you've completed the mission, visit her at the Theater settlement. Speaking to her will unlock the opportunity to join or create a clan for The Division 2.

Find clans in the pause menu

Now that you can access the clan menu, find it front and center in the pause menu. From there you can create a clan or join a pre-existing clan. You can search for or create the exact kind of clan you'd like by using the game's options.

  • Activities: PvE, PvP, or both.
  • Most Active Times : When the clan tends to play the most.
  • Atmosphere: How the clan plays, be it focused, relaxed, or very competitive.
  • Mic Requirement: Whether or not the clan demands mic usage.
  • Language: The clan's primary language.
  • Region: The geographical location of the clan members. This is not restrictive, just informative.

Join the TrueAchievements clan

We've gone and made the official TrueAchievements clan for The Division 2 and at the time of writing it's up to 7 members. Find it in the clan menu by searching for "TrueAchievement" (done in by the 15 character limit) in the clan name field. As our community is so passionate, we expect it to fill up fast once this story goes out, so secure your spot soon if you can. Only 50 people can fit in any one clan. As we've done in other games with similar social features, it's likely we'll create additional TA clans as needed, so don't panic if you're not an early adopter of The Division 2.


What benefits do clans provide?

Being in a clan in The Division 2 has many benefits and because of that you really shouldn't play the game without being in one. Your clan will accumulate XP as its members play the game and rank up. By doing that and completing clan-specific challenges, you can unlock rewards for all members, which can be accessed in the East Wing social space designated for clans in the White House. You can also leave messages on the clan message board, quickly and easily recruit players to a squad, and work on clan projects. Fitting for a community such as this, the top three weekly clan XP contributors will be featured prominently in the clan hub. We hope to see you in Washington D.C.!

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