Fasnacht Parade Seasonal Event Begins in Fallout 76

By Rebecca Smith,
Last week, Bethesda released the start of the Wild Appalachia season of content for Fallout 76. If you're already done with the brewing and distillery, today is the start of the Fasnacht Parade seasonal event.

Fasnacht Parade

Fasnacht was a festival that took place in town of Helvetia. Even as early as the town's inaugural year of 1869, at the end of winter the town's residents would wear masks and parade through the town. They would then burn an effigy of Old Man Winter atop a bonfire. The festival still takes place every year, even though the townsfolk have been long gone — who said that robots couldn't have a bit of fun?

Beginning today and running until March 26th, players will be able to take on the repeatable Fasnacht Parade event quest as many times as they wish. You'll need to find the Master of Ceremonies in the town before helping the town's Protectron shopkeepers to prepare for the parade. You might need to sing a song, choose decorations, or get rid of some pests, but you'll only have a certain amount of time to help the Protectrons before the parade takes place. Of course, every party attracts a rogue element set on ruining the fun, and the parade is no exception, so you'll also need to defend the Protectrons as they take part in the parade.

Once Old Man Winter has been set alight, players will earn themselves rewards that include festive Fasnacht masks and Fasnacht-themed C.A.M.P. plans. The more Protectrons that survive the parade, the better the chances of earning a mask. Masks can then be traded with other Dwellers. Some of those masks on offer can be seen in the image below:

Fasnacht Parade

As the Fasnacht Parade seasonal event ends on March 26th, Bethesda will be introducing a brand new mode in Survival, a "PvP experience with fewer restrictions, increased rewards, and new challenges". More content will also be introduced over the next couple of months, so keep an eye on the game new quests, features and game modes this season.

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