Gears of War 4's Gilded RAAM Challenge Gives Rewards for Gears 5

By Dave Horobin, 1 month ago
The Coalition has announced the Gilded RAAM Challenge in Gears of War 4, which will reward players with the Gilded RAAM character variant and the new Black Phantom weapon skin set. For the first time ever, players who complete the challenge will not only receive the rewards in Gears of War 4, they'll also be waiting for you in Gears of War 5 when it releases later this year.

The Gilded Raam Challenge begins today, March 21st, and you have 80 days to complete all three parts of the challenge below:


Complete the Campaign on Hardcore Difficulty or Higher in Co-Op (Retroactive)


Reach Re-Up 10 (Retroactive)


Earn 1 Million Challenge Points.
  • Each point of XP earned in Horde (exc. Bounties) is worth 1 Challenge Point
  • Each point of Versus Score is worth 2 Challenge Points
Each Challenge is trackable in your Gears 4 Achievement List so you can monitor your progress as you play. We’ve also added a new Re-Up count tracker in the War Journal under your XP bar to help make your current Re-Up Level clearer.

Unlike previous Challenges, once you complete all three Challenges, your rewards will appear instantly in your Gears 4 inventory without the need to use My Rewards or open Gear Packs.

The Coalition also announced that they will no longer be releasing customisation content and Gear Packs for Gears of War 4, as they switch their "full focus into making Gears 5 the best game possible".


The end of this road marks the most content released for any Gears game in the series history, with 269 characters and 2,384 Weapon Skins added over the past two and a half years. We’ve introduced new favorites (Sweater Imago!), fulfilled 10 year old fan requests (Palace Guard!) and learnt a lot on the way (maybe no more Color Blast..). We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

That said, we know some of your favorites (and ours) didn’t make the cut before the end. We want you to know that, even though they didn’t get the chance to appear in Gears 4, we hear your feedback loud and clear on which characters you’d like to see return in the future.


The Gilded RAAM Challenge also marks the first of several earnable characters and weapon skins that will be available in Gears 4 and follow you into Gears 5.

Everything you own in your Gears of War 4 collection today will be available for use in Gears of War 4 forever, but will not transfer to Gears 5. In Gears 5, our focus is to deliver as much new and original content as possible from the word go. We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned and can’t wait for you to see it.
The Gilded RAAM Challenge is Gears of War 4 is available today.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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