New Battlefield V Firestorm Trailer Gives Us an In-depth Look at Gameplay

By Dave Horobin, 29 days ago
Following on from last week's reveal trailer of Battlefield V's upcoming battle royale mode called Firestorm, EA and DICE have today released a new gameplay trailer, which showcases some of the crazy action players can expect to experience when the mode releases next week.

In the new trailer, we get an in-depth look at some of the many ways players can scavenge and fight across the land, air and sea in order to survive on Halvøy, the largest map that has ever appeared in the Battlefield franchise. You can watch the new video below:


Work as a team to unlock high-risk, high-reward Objectives and claim the best loot while exploring a map ten times larger than Hamada.


Unleash Battlefield V's signature destruction with combat vehicles, artillery strikes, and an expanding arsenal of weapons.


Play together to share gear, revive fallen squad mates, and outlast the Firestorm that incinerates everything in its path.
Firestorm released for Battlefield V on Monday, March 25th. You can find out more details about the delayed game mode here.

We've got the full list of Battlefield V achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Dave Horobin
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