Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update To Add Hunting, Fishing, Arena, and More

By Mark Delaney, 1 month ago
Rare's Sea of Thieves is officially a year old, and they've celebrated by sharing news of the previously teased "mega-update," now called the Anniversary Update, including when players can expect to download it.

The Anniversary Update will go live on April 30th and is without a doubt the game's biggest update yet. It adds a new trading company, the Hunter's Call, that will dare players to seek out some of the game's greatest foes like the megalodon using new weapons such as the harpoon. Brand new fishing mechanics are being added too, as are cooking mechanics for those pirates who've had their fill of bananas by now.

The previously shown off Arena mode will be coming as well. Arena will pit crews against each other in faster-paced battles for loot in an entirely new game mode separate from the normal mode, which itself will be called Adventure when the update drops.

If PVP isn't your thing, there will also be a new story campaign. Part of one of the Joe Neate-teased Tall Tales saga, "Shores of Gold," will go live with the update and, like before, it'll have players following breadcrumbs across the seas in search of the full story, which will once again feature characters from the Sea of Thieves expanded universe.

Other additions include new ways to rough up enemy ships, including destroying their masts, on-island traps that players must watch out for, new land enemies which have yet to be revealed, new cosmetic items, and more. Rare promises to break down this incoming update bit by bit over the next few weeks, but for now this trailer does a good job of teasing all this and more.

Rare also released a small update yesterday that bestowed gifts upon those who played the game in its first year, and even more exclusive items for the less than 1% of players who have made it to Pirate Legend so far. Load the game to find a new sword in your inventory, new Pirate Legend items if you qualify, and a new anniversary hat and anniversary cannons being sold for just 320 gold each — a pittance for proficient pirates, no doubt. Keep it here for more Sea of Thieves news as we approach the next major update for the game on April 30th.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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