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By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The adult-orientated Catherine (JP) will see players assume the role of Vincent, who finds himself unable to commit to his girlfriend of five years, Katherine. One night, he meets his ideal woman, Catherine, in a bar and has a one night stand. After this random encounter, Vincent begins to have nightmares, which mix fantasy and reality together to create a very weird situation that leaves him fighting for his life.

Atlus USA has released a series of screenshots showcasing the English dialogue for the localised North American version of the game:

7/5/11 Screenshot 8

7/5/11 Screenshot 7

7/5/11 Screenshot 6

Screenshot 5

7/5/11 Screenshot 3

7/5/11 Screenshot 4

7/5/11 Screenshot 2

7/5/11 Screenshot 1

Click here for details of the pre-order bonuses and the (very limited) Love Is Over Deluxe Edition of the game.

Catherine is due to release on July 26th in North America.
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