Fortnite's List of Potential Battle Royale Bug Fixes in Patch v8.20

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 month ago
Epic Games has dished out a preview of an incoming patch for their world-dominating third-person shooter, Fortnite. Patch v8.20 is coming soon, but before it's finalised and released to the masses, Epic Games’ Community Coordinator Sean Hamilton has posted a list of fixes and improvements on Reddit. The list focuses solely on the Battle Royale mode but there's also a note regarding Shotguns not firing:

Buried Treasure

Potential v8.20 Battle Royale Bug Fixes:

Weapons + Items
  • Fixed an issue where Clingers were damaging players through walls when stuck to another player.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Glider item pickups from displaying their stack count.
  • Smoothed out the motion of grenade projectile trajectories, which were lagging behind by a tick.
  • Entering a vehicle no longer plays the release sound of balloons if you have no balloons.
  • The balloon rope will no longer remain on your back when you run out of balloons.
  • Fixed an issue where players were flying out of a Pirate Cannon in a different direction than expected.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to enter a Pirate Cannon when close to other geometry.
  • Fixed the ability for players to finely tune Pirate Cannon’s ability to aim side to side.
  • Fixed an issue causing Buried Treasure to spawn loot on the Starting Island.
  • Fixed an issue with the icy feet effect remaining on indefinitely while emoting.
  • Traps now do damage to The Baller vehicle first before damaging the driver.
  • Fixed issue causing some traps to be inside thicker structures, making them hard to see.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence of a player being invulnerable while DBNO.
  • Fixed the camera sometimes traveling too far when cycling to another player.
  • Fixed an issue where poor server performance could cause undesired effects on clients such as unnecessary movement corrections.
  • Added a fix for a rare server crash.
  • Made a small server performance improvement related to the Baller vehicle.
  • Updated animation budgets to be more performant on higher scalability settings.
Art + Animation
  • Fixed a bug where the destruction effects were not playing on the Baller when it’s destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where some items didn’t have proper audio when dropping them from inventory.
  • Fixed issue with Main Menu icons becoming off-center.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a player's Squad Fill preference to reset to "Fill".
  • Fixed an issue where scopes would be missing reticle lines on low settings.
  • Fixed an occasional awkward camera movement that would occur when switching to different view targets while spectating.
Note: We’re aware of and investigating the issue with Shotguns not firing in some scenarios. Follow the status on that issue here: Trello
There's no release date just yet for the upcoming patch, but we'll be sure to post the finalised list and date as and when the information becomes available.

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