Battlefield V Firestorm Available Now, Future Content Detailed

By Rebecca Smith, 25 days ago
Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial By Fire begins today in Battlefield V with the release of Firestorm. The much-anticipated Battle Royale mode is just the start of the list of content due to be released throughout the next couple of months, though, and DICE and EA have released a roadmap to show players exactly what they can expect.

Chapter 3 roadmap

Today, March 25th, is the release of Firestorm, a Battle Royale mode that takes place on the largest ever Battlefield map, the snow-covered peninsula of Halvøy. Whether solo or as part of a four-man squad, players need to battle enemies and an ever-encroaching ring of fire to be the last man standing. Locate weapons, equipment and vehicles to help you to survive. Squads can complete objectives, such as securing supply points or vehicle lockups, to find more powerful vehicles and equipment. A series of Weekly Challenges also begins today, and you can see a full list of those here.

DICE promises that the Firestorm mode as it stands right now is just a basic version, with improvements due to be made in the future. This will include the addition of the limited-time Duos mode next month. April will also be the month a new variation of Conquest mode will be released. Grind runs at a faster pace with smaller teams, fewer objectives, and more intense combat. Only the most aggressive players will thrive here. There will also be an update to the Combined Arms mode that will add matchmaking, two more Fjell map missions, and a Hardcore mode — depending on which schedule you believe, this will be appearing in either April or May.

May is definitely when the game will get a new map in the form of Mercury. Set on the Cretan coast and inspired by the real-life Operation Mercury, British troops are trying to withstand an aerial invasion from the Germans — the German navy bombards them from the sea, while the Luftwaffe provides aerial backup. There will be a new variant of Breakthrough too. Fortress is a single-sector mode where defenders attempt to stop the attackers from conquering heavily-fortified locations.

The chapter's new content will end in June with the release of a brand new game mode, Outpost. Here, players must secure and build objectives while recruiting new soldiers to join their team. Without enough recruits, they'll never be able to survive the upcoming battle.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Defying the Odds will begin in June too and promises to cater to fans of close quarters combat. In a new game mode, players will take part in 5v5 matches in smaller arenas specifically designed for the mode. The mode hasn't been given an official name yet but more details are promised "further down the road". There will also be a couple of new maps. The first, titled Marita, is set in Greece in late 1940. The mountain side overlooks a river with the conflict taking place in the valley below. The second map is tentatively titled Urban Combat and is an urban map that focuses on close quarters combat. More details about the entire chapter will be provided closer to EA PLAY in June.

Finally, Chapter 5 will begin this fall. With a theme of awakening the giant, DICE promises to provide players with a "completely new theater of war" complete with land, air, and sea invasions. We'll be sure to bring you more details on any of the above content as we get them.

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