PSA: Minecraft Developers Warn Players Not to Open Worlds in Beta 1.11

By Sam Quirke, 30 days ago
If you have chased your fair share of Minecraft Achievements, chances are you are aware how precious individual shared worlds can be for efficient hunting. The last thing anyone wants is to lose all of their hard work, so players should be particularly cautious about accessing the 1.11 beta which they may have received an invite to — even if they weren't invited to the private build.

Matt Gartzke is the Community Manager for Minecraft, and while no further details have been given it seems like beta invites have gone out to people who haven't signed up — and therefore haven't read all of the rules, warnings and details included in the sign-up page. One of the most critical aspects to understand about the beta is that crashes and lost saves are perfectly possible. If players access the Beta unawares, they may find themselves losing their meticulously crafted worlds.

At present there is no ETA on a fix to this accidental access, so the general consensus is to avoid the Beta invite completely for the time being. Perhaps this time around it's best to simply wait until the features being tested in the Beta arrive in the final game.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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