New Achievements for Metro Exodus Appear, Bringing New Game Plus and Iron Mode

By Sam Quirke,
We have just picked up the Ranger Update achievement List for Metro Exodus. The update was first mentioned on the official site and includes mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One, general improvements and the addition of New Game +, which two of these achievements are related to. It looks like New Game + will include modifiers as well as new collectables. Several game mode modifiers are included in the update, including an Iron Mode which disables the game's save system. Unfortunately for completionists, there's an achievement for finishing the game in this mode.

There are 3 achievements worth a total of 100 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Metro Exodus Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Toy seller Find 3 toys in New Game+ mode: teddy bear, sun and fish. 20
Mutation Complete the game in New Game+ mode using any modification. 30
Iron Mode Complete the game in Iron Mode. 50
You can check out all of the modifiers included with New Game + in the spoiler tags below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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