Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Saints Row series has always been known for its extensive and ridiculous character customization options. Saints Row 2 evolved the process by allowing players to select a gender for their character and adjust their character traits to a finer degree. Now, Saints Row: The Third will allow players to start customising their characters before the game is even released.

Players will no longer have to write down over 150 customization values just to allow them to share their creativity with others. THQ and Volition have announced that they will be launching Saints Row Initiation Station. This program allows players to create their own custom character and upload it directly to the Saints Row community site. Other site members will then be able to download the character straight to their Xbox for use in their own game.

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For those of you who lack the imagination to create a unique character, THQ has even suggested a few possibilities:

Ninja? Pirate? Ninja-pirate? Naked ninja-pirate? The choice is yours...

• Play as your favorite train wreck celebrity-turned reality TV star, take aim as your least favorite overpaid prima donna professional athlete, or don a cape as Steelport’s newest superhero (or villain).
• Collaborate with a friend to create your own dynamic duo for co-op play. Cowboy and Indian? Dominatrix and sex slave? Tag-team wrestling partners with sordid pasts? Your twisted imagination is the limit.
As we also mentioned in the Saints Row: The Third Gameplay Roundup, other options include furries and the mascot from the Saints Row energy drink. The possibilities are endless.

The Saints Row Initiation Station will be released on the Xbox 360 and PC for free, before the release of Saints Row: The Third. As some of you may have noticed from the picture above, players who pre-order Volition's other upcoming title Red Faction: Armageddon will be able to gain access to the Initiation Station one full week ahead of everybody else. Those of you who have already pre-ordered Red Faction will automatically receive an early access code.

Saints Row: The Third is due to be released during the holiday season. Red Faction: Armageddon is due to be released on June 7th in North America, June 9th in Australia and June 10th in Europe, so you have just over a month to be able to get early access to the Initiation Station.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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