Anthem Patch 1.0.4 Makes More Loot Changes

By Rebecca Smith, 23 days ago
Bioware's shooter Anthem continues to provide players with plenty of loot, but the developer is still aware that changes need to be made to satisfy their player base. The latest patch, 1.0.4, once again makes changes to loot drops in the game, as well as adding new functions like Legendary Missions and Elysian Caches.

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In terms of loot, drop rates have been increased in a number of places. Chests that players find in Stronghold, Freeplay, and during Missions have a chance to drop additional items and crafting materials. Vanquished Apex creatures, such as Ursix, Titans, Furies and Escari/Luminaries, have the same chance of dropping additional loot too. Finally, when gamers are playing on GM1 difficulty or higher, Stronghold bosses will drop more loot, including masterwork and legendary items.

Completing daily challenges will reward players with Elysian Keys. These can be used to unlock Elysian Caches at the end of each Stronghold once the boss has been defeated. Each cache will provide loot for every member of the Expedition and selects the items from a pool of 67 vanity unlocks, such as vinyls, victory poses, emotes, and arrivals. Crafting materials will aslo be included, and Bioware promises players will never get a duplicate vanity item from these caches.

The new Legendary Missions allow players to replay critical path missions at a higher difficulty level. There will be one Legendary Mission available per day, but it can be played as many times as players like. As well as the above changes, there was a wide range of bug fixes and other gameplay improvements. These can be seen in the full patch notes.

Patch 1.0.4 is available now.

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