Italian Tech Tree Arrives in World of Tanks

By Rebecca Smith,
At the start of the month, promised the Italian tech tree would be added to their online vehicular combat title World of Tanks: Mercenaries. We've reached the end of the month and they've just made good on their promise, adding the tech tree this week following the release of the Tier VIII Premium Italian hero tank Ariete Progetto at the start of the month.

Players will begin with the Tier I Light Tank, the Fiat 3000, before using XP and silver to work their way through the additional tiers of the Italian tech tree. The Tiers VIII to X tanks come with auto-reloading weapons too, meaning they can hold multiple shells that reload automatically. You can find the full tech tree vehicles here, and if you're curious as to how the vehicles have changed since they were introduced to PC players, you can read a more in-depth explanation here. For now, the latest developer diary features various members of the team as they detail the new vehicles:

From now until April 1st, players can make use of the new Italian Power Op that tasks players with destroying at least five vehicles in multiplayer battles while using Italian vehicles between Tiers III and X. Completing the op will reward a 25% XP bonus.

If you'd rather escape realism for a little while, the Lunar Combat Mode event will begin on March 29th. In battlefields set on the Moon and Mars, players can use the M24 Lunar vehicle to take part in 7 v 7 Team Destruction tank battles in low gravity environments. Every match played in this mode will grant players a 500% XP bonus, a 50% Crew XP bonus, and "big" Silver earnings. The event runs until 10:59 local time on April 2nd.

Once that's concluded, the Spring Games will begin. Players who complete all phases of the Spring Games campaign will earn themselves a IS-2M tank, as well as the Gold, Silver, XP, Consumables, and XP and Silver boosts that can be earned along the way. More details on the tiers and rewards can be found here.

This does mean that players only have a few days left to complete the final phase of the Winter Games, so make sure to put the time in if there are still some prizes you're missing from there.

We've got the full list of World of Tanks achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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