New Minecraft Patch Removes Notch References from Menus

By Sam Quirke,
Mojang have removed references to Minecraft's original creator Notch from the game's menus, where randomised messages often mentioned the developer or facts and quotes associated with him.

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The latest snapshot update for the Java version of the game lists a bunch of new "Splash" texts for the game's main menu, but players on r/minecraft quickly noticed that these additions were in fact replacements. Phrases such as "Made by Notch!" and "The Work of Notch!" will no longer appear in the random phrase generator on the main menu, replaced by less personalised messages such as "Plant a Tree!" and "I need more context".

No official recognition or explanation of this change has been released by Mojang or Microsoft and Notch is still listed as the game's original creator in the credits. One would assume that the official line will be that "Made by Notch" is pretty misleading considering the amount of evolutions Minecraft has been through since the developer sold Mojang many years ago. However it's hard to ignore the general controversy surrounding Notch and his Twitter presence in particular, and infer that these behaviours may also be the reason behind Mojang's decisions to further divorce his personal brand from that of the product.

In other news, some players have received Beta invites by mistake and have been advised not to open their existing worlds in this beta, as they will likely lose access to them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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