Fortnite Update Turns the Floor Into Lava

By Rebecca Smith, 22 days ago
A couple of days ago, Epic Games revealed a list of potential changes they'd be making to the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite. The patch has now arrived, and along with a list of definite changes that they made, they've introduced new game modes and new items in all three sections of the game.

Floor Is Lava

Battle Royale players get a new Floor is Lava Limited Time Mode. Here lava begins rising from the lowest ground a few minutes into the match. You'll need to grab loot and head to the high ground if you want to be the last man standing in this mode. There's also the new Poison Dart Trap and new foraged items in the form of bananas, coconuts, and peppers.

Save The World players get a new Yarrr! Questline. If players complete the questline, they can get rewards like Blakebeard the Blackhearted, the Corsair Sword, and Jack’s Revenge Pistol. There's also the Beta Storm: Resupply game mode, where players have to run around the map while collecting or destroying a list of items. Meanwhile, the storm closes in quickly and the safe area moves around the map.

Finally, Creative players get the use of a Creature Spawner that can spawn up to 20 creatures on the island at once. They've also introduced a Shooting Gallery feature as a new theme. For a full list of all of the changes made in patch v8.20, check out the full patch notes.

Patch v8.20 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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