Future's End Patch Arrives in Paladins: Champions of the Realm

By Rebecca Smith,
Hi-Rez Studios' MOBA Paladins: Champions of the Realm has received its latest patch this week. The Future's End update brings along a new champion, Atlas; a rewritten pre-game match lobby, and the start of a new Battle Byte Battle Pass.


New champion Atlas is otherwise known as The Man Out of Time. The son of a legendary Judge, he was born into a future consumed by Darkness, listening to stories of the Realm that was lost. After studying old books of Crystal magic and researching those old tales, Atlas gained control over time and travelled back to the past, this time to stop the Darkness, save the Realm, and change history. The champion is armed with a Chrono-Cannon with a Setback Alt-Fire that pushes enemies back to the position they were in four seconds previously. His Second Chance ability pushes himself back to where he was five seconds ago, while a Stasis Field is his second ability. His Ultimate is Exile, a supercharged chronon shot that banishes enemies for four seconds. You can see a full list of his Talents and Cards here.

The End Times event continues — despite the appearance of Atlas, there is still a tear in reality. Right now there is a new reward in the form of "Rewind, Atlas MVP", as well as three new available champions (Androxus – Neutral, Atlas – Paladins, and Vivian – Magistrate) and two new Omega Skin bundles — Omega Vivian and Omega Zhin. Beginning on April 3rd, a second new reward, Omega Imani, will arrive, as well as a third Omega Skin bundle, Omega Koga.

The new "8-bit, retro gaming-themed" Battle Byte Battle Pass has also arrived with the update and is due to early in May. The pass offers over 100 rewards as players level up, with rewards for free players and those who purchase the Battle Pass. Rewards that are immediately unlocked for Battle Pass players include a 8-bit Speeder Mount, Winner Winner 3D Spray, 50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass, Gold, and Experience. Along the way, players can also unlock rewards like three Epic Skins — Battle Byte Inara, Battle Byte Bomb King, and Battle Byte Fernando — sprays, avatars, emotes, and 150 Crystals. The Battle Byte Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals. Alternatively, players can purchase the Battle Passport for 1500 Crystals that includes the Battle Pass and immediately unlocks the next 30 levels of rewards for players.

Future's End

Hi-Rez has completely rewritten the pre-game match lobby now that the game has stabilised and the team has a new focus. New match features can be integrated more easily, and it has "cleaned up the match lobby flow" for character selection and early match starts if all players Lock In before time is over. Finally, it has fixed bugs like the "inability to select characters, UI animations freezing, players being pushed to the custom game screen, Champions not being displayed as owned after buying them, bots not displaying correctly", and more. There's a whole host of general improvements, audio improvements, and changes to maps and champions that can be seen in the full patch notes if you're interested.

The Future's End update is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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