Walkthroughs Update: February and March 2019

By Dang3R Gaming, 24 days ago
Hey all,

February and March saw some amazing walkthroughs being published, with a couple of new writers unknowingly competing for how many walkthroughs they could get posted. These two alone are responsible for 7 of the 41 walkthroughs published in the last two months!

As always, we have threads to volunteer for writing, porting, and improving walkthroughs for people interested in helping out the community. We are always glad to help out the newest writers getting down to their first ones. Please don't hesitate to volunteer — here are the forum threads you need to do so:
With that out of the way, let's move onto the walkthroughs published in February and March! dance


There were 17 walkthroughs published in February! Ports are marked with a (*)

Xbox One
Xbox 360
Windows Phone


There were 24 walkthroughs published in March! Ports are marked with a (*)

Xbox One
Xbox 360
A big thank you to everyone once again!