Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from March 2019

By Mark Delaney,
It's said that April showers bring May flowers. Maybe that means the next two months will be quite generous with easy achievement lists, but hey, March wasn't so bad either. We've got another simple 7,000 gamerscore to be chased this time — and they're not all bad either! As always, if we missed any, let us and other readers know.


Metagal Achievements

Price: $4.99
Completion Time: Under 1 Hour

We accidentally left this super easy game off the list when we first published it, so thanks to the several readers that helped us clear that up! Many called this the easiest game of March and at just $4.99 it's one of the cheapest too. Don't miss it — like we did!

Awesome Pea

Awesome Pea Achievements

Price: $5.99
Completion Time: 1-2 Hours

Whenever you can make a game presented entirely in puke-green, you've gotta go for it. That's Awesome Pea, the latest the from easy achievement assembly line of publisher Sometimes You, who, together with Ratalaika Games, makes up about 30% of these lists historically.

Download Awesome Pea

Blood Waves

Blood Waves Achievements

Price: $9.99
Completion Time: 5-6 Hours

And here they are again. Sometimes You has double-dipped this month, which they're known to do. Though this list is a bit longer and more trying to unlock than their usual fare.

Download Blood Waves

Creepy Road

Creepy Road Achievements

Price: $12.99
Completion Time: 3-4 Hours

With an eye-catching face only a mother could love in its key art, Creepy Road hopes you stick around to see its arcadey run and gun gameplay too. Early reviews haven't been glowing and the price is steeper than most on this list, but genre fans may get more out of it.

Download Creepy Road

I and Me

I and Me Achievements

Price: $9.99
Completion Time: 3-4 Hours

With a name like I and Me, you'd quickly be forgiven for overlooking this puzzler from famed gamerscore farm Ratalaika Games, but you should also not miss it any longer for that very reason. But hey, I guess that's what this article is for.

Download I and Me

Old Man's Journey (Easy Game of the Month)

Old Man's Journey Achievements

Price: $9.99
Completion Time: 1-2 Hours

Unlike the usual fare on this list each month, Old Man's Journey has a lot of heart. For that, we're giving it March's spotlight. It won a ton of awards back when it was on mobile devices and if you like games with a bittersweet and reflective tone in addition to simple achievements, this is the one for you.

Download Old Man's Journey

One Leaves

'Up In Smoke' entrance hallway.

Price: Free
Completion Time: 1-2 Hours

One Leaves is actually a PSA disguised as a game. In this PVE competitive escape room experience, players are tasked with getting out alive ahead of three rival AI participants. It looks like Saw but it's actually more like a Truth ad, reminding players that only one of four teens who try to quit smoking do so successfully.

Download One Leaves

Where the Bees Make Honey

Where the Bees Make Honey Achievements

Price: $9.99
Completion Time: 1-2 Hours

We don't give a runner-up for easy game of the month, but if we did, this would be it. For the same price and completion time as Old Man's Journey, you can get another puzzler soaked in nostalgia. They go well together as companion games for anyone looking to get away from the usual mess these lists provide. See, they're not all bad!

Download Where the Bees Make Honey
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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