Rainbow Six Siege New Event Shows Us That Rainbow is Magic

By Rebecca Smith,
Ubisoft has an April Fools' Day reputation to uphold. Not merely satisfied with sending Rabbids into For Honor for 24 hours, they've decided to give Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege players an event running for an entire week. No, there's no Rabbids. Yes, there is rainbows and unicorns, because Rainbow is Magic.

The limited time Rainbow is Magic event tasks players with rescuing a Teddy Bear from the evil clutches of its captors. They've taken him hostage on a reimagined Plane map, and its up to 13 select operators to rescue him. Players can choose from Recruit, Montagne, Blackbeard, Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Sledge, Smoke, Castle, Kapkan, Bandit, Frost, and Tachanka, all of whom are now toy soldiers or plushies.

The event also introduces 17 new items as part of the Rainbow is Magic Collection, with a theme of "toys, unicorns and… tactical cuteness". All players who log in during the event will get one item from the collection. More items can then be earned by completing Ubisoft Club Challenges, while others can be found in Rainbow is Magic packs that can be purchased for 300 R6 Credits. Ubisoft promises that players will not get duplicate drops from the collection during the event. The collection includes full outfits for Smoke, Tachanka, Montagne, and Blackbeard. You can see the collection in action in the trailer below.

The Rainbow is Magic event runs until April 8th. The Rainbow is Magic Collection will be available for a week longer, until April 15th, to give players more time to get all of their desired items.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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