Snooker 19 Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 17 days ago
We have just picked up the Snooker 19 Achievement List.

There are 30 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Snooker 19 Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Total Clearance Unlock all achievements 200
Experienced Break Make a 50+ break 10
Pro Break Make a 100+ break 20
The Maximum Make a 147+ break 50
Fortune Favours the Brave Pot two legal balls in a single shot 10
Pot plant Two ball plant (Single player only) 10
Clear Up Clear the table in a single visit (Single player only) 30
Double Or Quits Pot off 1 cushion 10
Rank 1 Amateur Defeat the number 1 ranked snooker pro on amateur difficulty in quick match 10
Rank 1 Pro Defeat the number 1 ranked snooker pro on pro difficulty in quick match 20
Rank 1 Master Defeat the number 1 ranked snooker pro on master difficulty in quick match 40
Seasoned Pro Complete a Career Season 10
Break The Bank Earn £1,000,000 prize money in a single season 20
Career Maximum Score a maximum break in a Career Match 50
Triple Crown Win UK Championship, The Masters, World Championship 30
Online Apprentice Won 10 Online Matches 5
Online Pro Won 20 Online Matches 10
Online Master Won 50 Online Matches 20
Online Legend Won 100 Online Matches 50
Without Rival Defeat a Rival in an Online Match 10
Tournament Competitor Win 5 matches in Online Tournaments 5
Tournament Pro Win 10 matches in Online Tournaments 20
Tournament Master Win 20 matches in Online Tournaments 50
Tournament Legend Win 50 matches in Online Tournaments 100
Perfect Potter Clear the table without missing a pot 20
Need for Speed Clear the table in one visit under 10 minutes (Single player only) 30
Rocket Fuelled Clear the table in one visit under 5 minutes (Single player only) 40
Number One Complete a Career season in Rank 1 position 30
Snooker Legend Set the record for most Ranked Championship Wins in Career Mode 40
World Champion Set the record in Career Mode for the most World Championship wins in the modern era 50
Snooker 19 - The official video game of World Snooker.

This is the most authentic simulation of the sport ever created, with TV-style presentation and commentary, true-to-life physics and advanced artificial intelligence.
Snooker 19 is developed by Lab42 and published by Ripstone.

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