RAGE 2 Reveals He's On Fire Cheat Code

By Rebecca Smith, 17 days ago
Gaming journalism during April Fools Day can be a bit like running a gauntlet. There are the obvious jokes, like Conan Chop Chop, while others turn out to be absurd but completely real, such as For Honor's Rabbid Invasion and Rainbow Six Siege's Rainbow is Magic event. This is one of those where we're not completely convinced, but seeing as everybody else believes it to be real, we'll go with that. Bethesda has revealed the "He's on Fire" cheat code for RAGE 2, adding a narrator to add even more insanity to the proceedings.

"He's on Fire" will add voice actor Tim Kitzrow's (NBA Jam, MHL Slugfest, NHL Hitz) excitable commentary to almost everything you do, be it pulverising enemies, taking down bosses, or blowing everything up. Kitzrow may think he's in the wrong game, but his commentary suits the game incredibly well.

RAGE 2 and its extra level of insanity will be released on May 14th.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the RAGE 2 achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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