TERA: Reloaded Update Arrives Today

By Rebecca Smith,
TERA has received plenty of support from developer Bluehole since its release last year. Now the game is about to reach its first anniversary on Xbox One, it seems like an appropriate time for the game to get one of its biggest updates yet. The Reloaded update brings a new class, a new kind of world event, a new gear system, and an entire month's worth of events.

The new Elin Gunner class comes equipped with high-octane firepower. To help players to level up their new class, there's a leveling event being held all month for all characters. Players who manage to reach level 65 with their Elin gunner by midnight UTC on April 30th will receive a "special reward package", although there are also leveling reward packages to be earned at levels 3, 14, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60.

The new world events are daily Guardian Legion missions, designed to challenge level 65 characters. Players can select the mission of their choice from the world map before being teleported into a short scenario with plenty of action. For every mission in which players participate, they'll receive points that can be redeemed for special reward packages. During the month, several new and returning dungeons will also appear:

Low Tier

  • Shattered Fleet
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Kalivan's Challenge

Mid Tier

  • Lilith's Keep
  • Kalivan's Dreadnaught
  • Thaumetal Refinery (To be determined)

High Tier

  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
  • Thaumetal Refinery (Hard) (To be determined)
  • RK-9 Kennel (Mid-April)
  • Ruinous Manor (Late April)

Highest Tier

  • RK-9 Kennel (Hard) (Mid-April)
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard) (Late April)

The new gear progression system also takes effect when players reach level 65. At this point, they can visit Highwatch to find Dougal, who will send them on the Fresh Arms and Legs quest. Once this is completed, players will get a full set of Guardian gear and accessories. Guardian gear can be enchanted and upgraded into better equipment as players progress. Those who already own fully enchanted Tier 11 gear, such as Misery, Ambush, Behemoth, Deathwrack, or Oblit at +12 or higher, these can be directly upgraded to better equipment.

Finally, there will be an entire month of weekly events. Beginning today and running until April 9th, players will get increased item rewards when they complete Vanguard Requests, as well as getting additional rewards for completing Guardian Legion missions. Between 5:00 AM UTC on April 5th to 5:00 AM UTC on April 8th, the Sabex Armory, Kalivan’s Challenge, Lilith’s Keep, and Sky Cruiser Endeavor dungeons will be part of the Weekend Dungeon Highlight too. For a list of events running for the rest of the month, you can see the schedule here.

TERA: Reloaded is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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