Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode Free to Play All Month

By Rebecca Smith, 17 days ago
The last time Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had a free Blackout week, so many people tried out the mode that it was enough to push the game to the top of the Xbox Gameplay Chart. If you're one of the few players who missed out on the last trial period, don't panic. Treyarch has announced a second free play period for Blackout mode beginning today, April 2nd, and it gives players plenty of time to prepare for the new Blackout map due to arrive next week.

As seen in the trailer above, the free play period lasts until April 30th, giving nearly an entire month for players to try out the mode. Players can try out Solos, Duos, and Quads, as well as all of the latest weapon updates and spring additions, and they'll matchmake with any Blackout players regardless of whether they're playing through the trial or through the full game. All progression made during the trial period will be transferred to the full game if you choose to purchase it later.

Once you've got used to the mode, you'll be ready to take on the new Alcatraz Blackout map that will be arriving on Xbox One on April 9th. Alcatraz is a more compact map with overcast, foggy conditions, but this doesn't mean the prison island doesn't offer a varied experience. There are rocky shorelines, tall foliage, and caves offering hiding places; rusting Navy vessels; abandoned tents; a helipad; warehouses; apartment blocks; a powerhouse with a cooling tower; and, of course, the derelict prison. You can check out the map in action in the trailer below:

Players drop onto the island from skybound portals, but with more players vying for survival in a smaller area, it won't be easy to find items or positions to defend yourself. The map definitely puts emphasis on close-quarters combat and quick reactions, and matches are expected to last for around ten minutes because of the tighter areas and condensed player counts. The topography and tightly-packed buildings offer plenty of tight corners and verticality for other players to prepare an ambush. This means you might want to rethink your tactics to make sure you survive, and the following map briefing is the best way to plan that alternative approach.

The Alcatraz map will also be available to play in the free trial when it is released next week. Meanwhile, players who own the full game can make use of this week's update, which brings along the new Ancient Evil Zombies experience, new Perk, new Elixirs, new Talismans, and a Barebones Multiplayer option. Details on all of these can be found here.

The Blackout free trial period is running now. Alcatraz will arrive in the game on April 9th.

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