Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 17 days ago
Digital Eclipse is the studio responsible for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, The Disney Afternoon Collection, and Mega Man Legacy Collection. Now they've got another collection up their sleeve, this time in collaboration with SNK. The Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection will include six titles that were released on Neo Geo between 1993 and 2004 and, unlike the last SNK compilation, this one is coming to Xbox One as well.

The collection will include Samurai Shodown, Samurai Shodown II, Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood, Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge, Samurai Shodown V, and Samurai Showdown V Special. Players will be able to try them in original Japanese or as the international version, and there will be offline and online modes. There will also be a Museum Mode that will give players the history of the games themselves, as well as all of the characters that made it into the games.

The game was revealed during a PAX East panel titled "Samurai Shodown – Resurrecting a Legend". The reveal begins at 21:05 if you want to watch it live.

The collection is currently due to arrive this fall. More information is promised for the future.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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