Left 4 Dead DLC Issues?

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
Alright, so some people had issues getting the DLC to work properly... Well, I'm sorry, okay? I know after reading my news post you all rushed to download at the same time and killed the servers. It's your fault. All of you...

But there is a fix!

To anyone still having issues, here are the steps that seem to be able to clear everything up and get you back to killing the infected:

1. Go into your System Memory, located Left 4 Dead, and delete the download for the Survival Pack.
2. Clear your System Cache.

For those who don't know how to do step #2, refer to the following link for a nice guy from 1up.com: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3151382

Hope it helps anyone having the issue! If it did, leave a comment and let me know so I can feel better about myself. If not, leave a comment and I'm sure a member of our brilliant community will be able to help out.

Happy killing!