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By Rebecca Smith,
After Paladins received an update last week, this week is the turn of fellow Hi-Rez stablemate SMITE to receive its latest update. As well as new achievements, the Darkness Falls update brings along new God skins, the Darkness Falls Battle Pass, the Mixer Store, the new From the Depths chest, and the Council of the Gods.

The Darkness Falls Battle Pass is the second battle pass to be introduced into the game and it begins today, April 3rd. There will be a free path and a premium path offering rewards for players to unlock. Free players can unlock an avatar, a global emote, and variety of chests. Premium players will receive God skins, a loading frame, an announcer pack, a jump stamp, a title, a pedestal, a loading screen, a recall skin, boosts, and chests — you can see a full list of rewards here. The pass will run until May 22nd, and each week there will be two quests for premium players to complete, offering a 500 BP boost per quest.

The biggest change to Project Olympus is the addition of the Mixer Store. Players can link their SMITE account to their Mixer account and earn points for watching Hi-Rez SMITE streams. Players get the SPL Bellona Skin for linking their accounts, then those who earn 600 Mixer Points will automatically get The Crusher Cabrakan skin. While this doesn't need to be purchased with points, there will be other skins that can be purchased with Mixer Points, such as Pool Party Jing Wei, Foxy Lady Da Ji, and Cosmic Sol.

There's a new Assault map where Asgard has been transformed following Ragnarok coming and going. There are new areas and objectives to prevent stalemates, and the map has a new art set and mechanical changes to encourage more fighting. One of the new objectives is Vital Orbs. Two orbs spawn in the centre of the map, and every time a tower is destroyed, a new orb will spawn in the corner of the map. The orbs will respawn throughout the match after a player has collected it, and it offers temporary speed boosts, instant health and mana healing, and temporary health and mana regeneration beyond that.

Darkness Falls Assault Map

Amongst the other changes made to Project Olympus is that the mode now offers rewards for players who complete co-op matches, although the rate of Favor and BP is reduced to normal matches. Players will not earn Worshipers in co-op matches beyond Rank 4. There's also new VGS inputs for communication with other players, and Daily Rewards no longer reset when the player misses a day. Custom Games can be paused, and there are alterations to ranked mode and the role queue. You can check out the full patch notes here for a list of fixes, improvements, God buffs, and new items.

The update has added nine new God skins into the game. The Beast Within Cu Chulainn, Terror of the Deep Scylla, Heretic Cernunnos, and Spectral Blade Pele skins are part of the Darkness Falls Battle Pass. The Crusher Cabrakan is available through the new Mixer Store, and Desert Dragon Neith is available through Twitch Prime. Depths of Atlantis Nox can be found in the From the Depths Chest from Friday, April 5th. Finally, Valkyrie’s Rage Thanatos and Snuggly Artemis will arrive with Council of the Gods event next week.

This week is when the Battle Pass, From the Depths chest, Mixer Store and general bug fixes have been added. The Council of the Gods event will arrive next week and we'll be sure to bring you more details when we get them.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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