Black Desert Update Adds Four New Classes

By Rebecca Smith,
Black Desert was only released last month, but the game's newest update, v1.0.1.5, has made some major gameplay changes, including the addition of four new classes, the new Node Wars game mode, weekly Conquest Wars, and a variety of other improvements and bug fixes.

There are four new classes to enjoy in the game. The first of these is the Dark Knight, descended from the Goddess Sylvia, who gave birth to new life through a holy tree known as Kamasylve. After the demise of the Kamasylve, the Dark Knights tried to uphold its rites while avoiding conflict. Despite this, she comes armed with the Kreigsmesser for close range combat and the Ornamental Knot sub-weapon. She also has a variety of powerful, nature-burning magic abilities for mid-range combat.

The second class is the Striker. Once a young boy born into a rich family, he was marooned on a remote island after a shipwreck and became an outcast. He learned to fight against his bullies until a martial arts master took him in. After mastering the fighting styles of the beasts, he became a martial arts champion in the Grand Ares Tournament. He comes armed with a Gauntlet and Vambrace, and has a variety of melee moves to help vanquish his opponents.

The third class is the Musa, a man born as a wild tiger roared in the nearby forest. As his village's residents believed this to be a sign that he was destined for greatness, they cared for him and taught him martial arts. He also became a martial arts champion during the Grand Ares Tournament, but his victory was marred by the crowd's admiration for his unusual appointment, and instead of tasting sweet victory, he feels shame for the encounter. He is armed with a Blade and Horn Bow, and has a series of abilities that centre around his handling of the Blade.

The final class is the Lahn. Known as the Orchid Child, she was found abandoned as a baby beneath a giant orchid in a forest clearing bathed in sunlight. Seen as a beacon of hope, her renown increased as she aged and she became an advisor of the Royal Court. However, the king grew jealous and locked her away. She was rescued by the greatest warrior in the land who taught her martial arts, but the king still saw her as a threat and sent her on a mission that she was not meant to survive. Survive she did thanks to her use of the Crescent Pendulum. She also has a Noble Sword and a variety of skills that centre around her primary weapon.

As well as the four new classes, there is new Guild vs Guild action in the form of Node Wars and Conquest Wars. Node Wars allow guilds to fight for control of nodes throughout the world by being the last guild standing on the node, earning "a large sum of silver generated from the tax that a node generates". If there is more than one guild on the node when the battle ends, it is liberated and nobody will be able to earn tax from it. Guilds can own up to six nodes at once.

Meanwhile, Conquest Wars allow players to battle for control over an entire region — Balenos or Serendia. To take part in these battles, which work the same way as Node Wars, guilds must first control a node in the area. Rewards for owning an area increase weekly for as long as the guild controls the region, but they'll need to defend it from other guilds looking to claim their throne. Node Wars and Conquest Wars will being on April 7th and you can see a full schedule here.

For a full list of changes that have been made to life skills, balancing, guilds, characters, monsters, quests, items, world bosses, and more, you can see the full patch notes here. Patch v1.0.1.5 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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