Madden NFL Arcade Servers Close This Month

By Rebecca Smith, 21 days ago
Madden NFL Arcade was released on Xbox Live Arcade nearly ten years ago. Unlike the mainstream instalments, this title was a 5v5 experience that reminded players of the NFL Blitz franchise. Unfortunately the experience will soon be coming to a close for online players. According to a EA's master list of online services shutdowns, the game's online servers are due to close at the end of the month.

Once the game's servers go offline, players will be able to play all single player and offline modes for the game. However, none of the online multiplayer modes will be available. This means that some of the game's achievements will become discontinued on April 29th, when the servers are closed. The full list of achievements that will be affected is below:

Madden NFL ArcadeLike A BossThe Like A Boss achievement in Madden NFL Arcade worth 53 pointsWin 5 online ranked games in a row

Madden NFL ArcadeWelcome To The JungleThe Welcome To The Jungle achievement in Madden NFL Arcade worth 12 pointsPlay an online ranked game

Madden NFL ArcadeTime For A MontageThe Time For A Montage achievement in Madden NFL Arcade worth 44 pointsPlay 15 online ranked games

Madden NFL ArcadeDon't Stop BelievingThe Don't Stop Believing achievement in Madden NFL Arcade worth 53 pointsBeat an online ranked opponent with a skill level of at least 5 above yours

The game has already been delisted from the Microsoft Store, disappearing in November last year. If you already own the game, make sure you get all of the online achievements completed before the servers close on April 29th.

We've got the full list of Madden NFL Arcade achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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