IO Interactive Lays Out Their April Roadmap For Hitman 2

By Andy Mills, 14 days ago
Every month since the game's November release, IO Interactive has made sure there's been new content and updates for HITMAN 2. That's no different for April, so the Danish developer has laid out their plans for the month going forward. The biggest update is for the game's multiplayer Ghost Mode, but there's still plenty planned for single-player assassins too.

HITMAN 2 April Roadmap

The content for the month has already begun with the "Mumbai Master" Challenge pack that tasks Agents to complete challenges as the 'Holy man' so they can be rewarded with the Magnesium Pouch item. From one holy man to another now as a Legacy Elusive Target, Father Adalrico Candelaria is back in Sapienza and players will have ten days to take him down, starting from April 12th. A few days after that on April 17th comes the Featured Contracts, all of which will revolve around one theme: Ghost Busters. Towards the end of the month, on April 25th, comes "The Nolan Disinfection" where players will face an Escalation contract that revolves around poisoning and tampering.

Finally, on April 30th, comes the big update to Ghost Mode that adds emotes and new Ghost items but, most importantly, Santa Fortuna joins Miami as a new map to take on other assassins. On the same day, IO will be releasing an update with improvements and bug fixes that they'll detail closer to release. You can see almost everything — with a focus on the major Ghost Mode update — in the April Roadmap video, with community developer Clemens Koch walking us through it all.

THAT, Agent 47, is what's coming to Hitman 2 this month. It looks like there's something for every type of Hitman player.

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