The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man Of Medan Creates A Watery Grave

By Rebecca Smith,
The Dark Pictures - Man Of Medan is the first of three planned titles in Supermassive's upcoming horror anthology project. The game tells the story of a diving trip gone wrong after a storm comes in while a quartet of American youths search for a wreck dating back to World War II. One of the important aspects of this game is realistic and believable water locations, and the latest pair of developer diaries looks at how the developer creating the perfect watery grave.

In the first part of the developer diary, the team concentrated on creating motion and immersive sound. This means making sure that boat and character movements correspond with each other, as well as recording real sounds to use in the game. Take a look at how the team is blending realism and accuracy into their fictional story:

The second part of the developer diary focuses more on how the team is using colour, lighting, and camera motion to create the perfect unsettling mood. This includes making sure the team creates natural human movements for all of the game's characters:

In case you missed it, several months ago the team also began to look at how they were creating a convincing creepy ghost ship. The second part of that diary looks at how they're giving the ship its own personality and how that's important to the player environment:

The Dark Pictures - Man Of Medan is bringing its watery grave to consoles this summer.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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