With Microsoft increasing their efforts to get their games onto several other platforms, it only seems right that they'd want to improve the gaming experience on them too. One of those platforms is Windows 10, and the beta for the Game bar overlay has started testing a number of new features, including Spotify, chatting with friends, creating memes, and a customisable user interface.

Windows 10 Game bar Mixer chat

The Game bar overlay is a feature built into Windows 10 that works with any PC game. By pressing the the Windows key + G, players can have access to a range of features to enhance their experience. The first of the new features being tested at the moment is a Spotify widget, which allows players to control their music and podcasts as long as they have the Spotify app installed. The widget allows players to play/pause/skip, change their current playback device, adjust volume, and choose recommended playlists.

There's a new Xbox Social widget that shows players what games their friends are playing, as well as allowing them to send text messages, open voice chat, or watch their Mixer stream. These are the same features already available on the Xbox One console, as well as in the Xbox App that can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Players were already able to capture and share screenshots via Twitter without leaving the game, but now screenshots can be easily turned into memes. By opening the Capture widget on the Game bar, players can take a screenshot or video that can be edited. Text can also be overlaid onto screenshots in the Game bar gallery. These memes can then be shared on Twitter too.

Finally, players can now customise the Game bar overlay. Players can hide widgets, choose where they appear on the bar, and pin your favourite widgets.

All of the above features are available now in the Game bar beta. If you're not already in the beta and wish to join, you can find it within the Xbox Insider Hub that's downloadable from the Windows 10 store. In the upper left corner there's an option for Insider Content, and you can join the beta by clicking Windows Gaming in that menu.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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