Flutter Bombs Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 20 days ago
We have just picked up the Flutter Bombs Achievement List.

There are 35 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Flutter Bombs Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Trigger Fish Trigger a fish to kill an enemy. 30
King of the Grove Defeat the Grove boss 20
Temple Tantrum Defeat the Temple boss 20
Lab Rat Defeat the boss at Neutron's Lab 20
Peak Pinnacle Defeat the boss at Cloudbreak's Peak 20
Tundra Tackled Defeat the boss at Willow's Tundra 20
Major Miner Defeat the boss at Tec's Quarry 20
On Point Defeat the boss at Switchblade's Badlands 20
Broken Bones Defeat the boss at Daisy's Boneyard 20
Flashpoint Defeat the boss at Molly's Fire Pit 20
Pop Goes the Mosquito Defeat the boss at Wagtail's Swamp 20
Shell Shocked Defeat the boss at Hydro's Cavern 20
Head Hunter Complete the boss rush 35
Takes a Lickin' Survive four licks from the boss at Opi's Grove 35
Two for One Defeat two spiders with one bomb at Tomahawk's Temple 30
Undarted Defeat the boss at Tomahawk's Temple without getting hit by darts. 35
Go Toward the Light Survive ten shocks from Tesla coils at Neutron's Lab 30
That's a lot of Mutants Defeat 25 mutants during one boss fight at Neutron's Lab 35
Let it Go Reach the boss at Cloudbreak's Peak without defeating a Mantis 30
Sir Lance-a-lot Survive three lance strikes from the boss at Cloudbreak's Peak 35
Don't Give Up on your Drains Defeat a spider while be drained of nectar at Willow's Tundra 30
None of Your Beeswax Defeat the boss at Willow's Tundra without running out of nectar 35
Swarm and Friendly Keep at least one cicada swarm alive for the duration of the level at Tec's Quarry 30
No Wings No Fly Prevent all hatching cicadas from growing wings 35
Don't Feed the Worms Complete Switchblade's Badlands in Campaign Mode without triggering any worm attacks 30
Feed the Worms Allow a minion to be consumed by the boss at Switchblade's Badlands. 35
Wind Beneath Your Wings Reach the boss at Daisy's Boneyard in Campaign Mode without getting burned. 30
Oops I Did it Again Defeat both the boss and twin at Daisy's Boneyard 35
Playing with Fire Avoid triggering a volcano at Molly's Fire Pit 30
Hole in None Prevent all fire ant spawns from reaching their volcanic colony at Molly's Fire Pit 35
Cross Pollination Pop a floating spore in each spore flower location at Wagtail's Swamp 30
Shroom Doom Destroy at least one mushroom being thrown during the boss fight at Wagtail's Swamp 35
Rock On Destroy over 20 rocks that launch into the air at Hydro's Cavern 30
Crab Steamer Defeat the boss at Hydro's Cavern in under five minutes 30
Flutter Bomber Defeat the boss at Hydro's Cavern using only bombs 35
Experience nature’s wrath in this top down twin stick shooter. Command up to 10 different wing sets each with a unique bombing tactic. Unleash fury with powerful weapon upgrades. Defend your grove with Flutter Bombs!
Flutter Bombs is developed and published by Earthborn Interactive.
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