PUBG Offers Free 2nd Anniversary Gift From Today

By Rebecca Smith, 16 days ago
Last month, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds celebrated its second anniversary since it was released in beta on PC. Of course, the game didn't arrive on Xbox One until December 2017, but that hasn't stopped PUBG Corp from celebrating the game's anniversary on consoles too. Update #6 arrived today, and as well as a new item and two new vehicles, the patch brings along a free gift for all players to celebrate the occasion.

The second anniversary baseball cap will be available in-game from now until May 7th. All players need to do to receive the item is to log in during the event period.

The team also apologises for the confusion over the end date of Survivor Pass: Vikendi, meaning players felt they had more time than they did to complete the tasks in the pass. As a result, the Survivor Pass is being reopened from now until 02:00 PDT on April 16th to allow players more time to complete missions. The Survival Title System Season 1 has also been extended until May 14th to give players more time to hit milestones and get their rewards.

Today's patch brings two new vehicles to Vikendi. The first of these is the Snowbike that was teased back in January. The vehicle replaces motorbikes, and while it isn't a very durable vehicle, it's quick and easy to manoeuvre. The second vehicle is the Zima, a 4x4 vehicle that replaces UAZs. Controlling the vehicle isn't easy on snow and it's slow, but it's still easier to manoeuvre than other vehicles and is very durable.

Meanwhile, the Flare Gun has been added to all maps but will only spawn at a rate of three guns per game. If the gun is fired within the safe zone, players will call in a care package with one set of valuable gear. If it's fired outside of the safe zone, it will instead call in an armored UAZ. Only two care packages and two UAZs can be called in per game, and care packages can only be called in after the first blue zone phase.

The patch includes a variety of other gameplay improvements and bug fixes. For a full list of these, check out the patch notes. Update #6 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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