Destiny 2 PS4 Exclusive Weapon Accidentally Given to Xbox Players

By Rebecca Smith, 15 days ago
The main aim of this week's Destiny 2 patch was to introduce Arc Week, an event that focuses on the Arc element. However, the patch also had an unintended consequence when it accidentally unlocked a PlayStation exclusive weapon for use on the Xbox One. The Wavesplitter, an Exotic trace rifle, should be locked to PlayStation 4 until September 2019, and Bungie is now looking to fix the issue.

The Wavesplitter can only be obtained from Xûr. The weapon is a Forsaken Exotic that was accidentally added to the pool of Fated Engrams, which can be purchased from Xûr. Xbox One players who have already gotten hold of the weapon will be able to use it until Bungie implements a fix for the issue. Once the fix has appeared, the weapon will remain in players' inventories, but they won't be able to use it until the exclusivity period ends in September. We don't know when that fix will appear, so if you want to grab the weapon and try it out, we suggest you do so sooner rather than later.

Arc Week

In the meantime, Arc Week has a range of gameplay tweaks that focus on the element. Many of the Arc subclass paths that existed before Forsaken have now been improved. Throughout the week, Arc Singe and Arc Bounties will be available to synergise with upgraded abilities. Mayhem will be playable in Crucible so players can experiment with the new powers that will have very short cooldowns. Finally, players can add the Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun to their collection if they haven't already. They have until April 23rd to do so — players need to visit the Cosmodrome to do this. For more details on Arc Week, take a look at the official blog.

Update 2.2.1 includes a long list of gameplay improvements and bug fixes — you can see the full list in the patch notes. The update is available now.

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