Fortnite Update v8.30 Introduces Respawns

By Rebecca Smith, 8 days ago
At the end of February, Fortnite players discovered mysterious vans dotted around the Battle Royale map, and when they were viewed in Replay mode, they had a player hologram on the roof. It turns out these vans have introduced a respawn mechanic into the game so players can revive their teammates. Save The World and Creative players get some additions and improvements in update v8.30 too.

Battle Royale players can make use of the new Reboot Vans that can be found in 19 different locations around the map. Eliminated squad members drop a Reboot card for a limited time. These can be brought to a Reboot Van, which revives all downed squad members whose cards have been collected. Those players return with a pistol, 36 light ammo, 100 health, and 100 wood. The van then can't be used for two minutes, after which it is reactivated. Reddit users r/Remizji and r/7damage_ have created a map with all of the van locations:

Reboot Vans

There's also a new event in the form of Buccaneer's Bounty, where players complete free challenges in a daily limited time mode to earn themselves in-game rewards. There are two more limited time modes too. The first is Fly Explosives where the map only spawns explosive weapons and Jetpacks. Meanwhile, Team Rumble has increased Eliminations, shrunk the size of the final circle, reduced the time on the first circle, and changed spawn chances to create a more intense battle royle experience.

Save The World players get the new Bombsquad Kyle Legendary Constructor hero. There's also a new Lost in Transit Beta Storm mission where players have to locate five supply trucks that have gotten lost. Some trucks have found themselves in areas filled with enemies, others are directly under attack, and some just simply need refuelling. All of them need their GPS updating. The storm and safe area is constantly moving in the mode too.

Finally, Creative players now have a Multiselect tool that allows them to highlight multiple objects to move or copy to a new location.There's a new Military Base theme that brings along a set of military-themed buildings that make their debut in this mode. Capture modes have also become possible with the addition of a Capture Area object that can be placed in players' creations.

For a full list of all of the changes made in patch v8.30, check out the full patch notes. The patch is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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