Torchlight Title Update Released

By Rebecca Smith,
A title update for Torchlight has now gone live and fixes a few known issues that had been occurring in the game. The patch should automatically download when the game is booted up.

Here is a full list of the bugs that have been fixed:

• Shared Stash items missing
• Shared Stash only holds 42 items
• Chakawary HP Bug
• Recovering a gem causes crash
• Summoner alchemist interaction issue
• Performance issues
• Unable to proceed in the Lost Fortress, Level 27
• Merchants show 126 available inv. slots; only hold 50 items
• Tattered Lurker glitch
• Ranged weapon particles will now fade out - Nobody complained about this, but we fixed it anyway!
• Ribbon particles cause a hitch
Runic are still investigating a couple of issues, and these are likely to be fixed in a later title update.

• Chapter segment voiceovers may be intermittently inaudible - This issue is under investigation.
• Avatar awards not unlocking - We're still investigating this issue, but our working hypothesis (founded on two confirmed reports), is that if you're offline when you earn the achievement, you won't get the avatar award. Also, please note that if you meet the qualifications for any achievements while playing the demo, the achievements won't be awarded retroactively after you buy the game. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do to address this as achievements are tracked outside of our control.
The issue of pet transformations timing out in the title menu is not likely to be addressed, as it doesn't affect gameplay. The cause of the bug is that the timer continues to countdown in the title menu, but the timer reverts to its previous state upon loading the relevant save file.

Finally, the issue of characters getting stuck had been anticipated ahead of time and has an easy fix. Players are advised to hold both bumpers on their controller as they load up their game save. This will return the character to the start of the dungeon floor.

We've got the full list of Torchlight achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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