The Arena Comes to Sea of Thieves This Month

By Rebecca Smith, 11 days ago
To celebrate the first anniversary of Sea of Thieves, developer Rare is holding a series of streams to preview some of the game's upcoming features. The first of those streams focused on a new competitive mode, The Arena, which will be arriving at the end of the month.

The Arena

The Sea Dogs is a trading company run by twins Lesedi and DeMarco Singh. Their aim is to encourage player skill and showing off as players fight for glory, fortune and control of the seas. In The Arena, the player and their crew will battle against four other player crews as they search for treasure. Each crew receives the same maps, but not only will you want to try and find the treasure first, you need to return it to the Sea Dogs' ship if you're to get any rewards at all. During battle, the ship's wheel, capstan, and masts can all be damaged as well as punching holes through the sides of the ship. If your ship sinks, you'll lose some of your silver. Tactics become extremely important.

Successful runs mean your reputation within the Sea Dogs will increase, and you'll unlock cosmetics such as clothing, weapons, items, and a ship livery. You'll then be able to reconvene in the Sea Dogs' tavern to celebrate your victory or drown your sorrows in between match ups — here you can explore the new location, have a drink or two, and chat to other players. You can see all of this in the trailer below:

If you're interested in how the mode was created, take a look at the latest behind the scenes video:

Alternatively, you can watch the entire reveal stream for yourself. The two videos above are included in the stream, so you'll see those again, but there are a lot more details about the mode, as well as a question and answer session. The stream begins at 5:09.

The Arena will arrive as part of the Anniversary Update on April 30th.

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