New SoulCalibur V Information [UPDATED]

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Edit: Namco-Bandai has since released a teaser trailer for the game:

Original Story:

Namco-Bandai released tidbits of new information on the latest entry in the SoulCalibur franchise earlier this morning. First and foremost, the story which began in SoulCalibur was concluded with the events of SoulCalibur IV. The canon ending for SoulCalibur IV is Siegfried's which I have embedded below:

SoulCalibur V begins 17 years later and follows Patroklos, the son of Sophitia, with an all new story described as a "generational shift" from the plot of the first four games. Producer Hisaharu Tago says Patroklos' gameplay was "inspired" by that of his mother, but is "sharper and more agile." As a big fan of Sophitia's fighting style myself, I am looking forward to this new character.

Patroklos will not be the only new entry to the series as Hisaharu Tago promises more new characters. Guest characters, for example SoulCalibur IV's Yoda, Starkiller and Darth Vader or SoulCalibur II's Spawn and Link, will also be making an appearance in SoulCalibur V. Tago is mum on the guest character details for now.

The namesake swords of the series, SoulEdge and SoulCalibur, have been redesigned into short swords as opposed to the two-handed swords of the past games. This changes the actual gameplay of the series as it has been adjusted to be "lighter, sharper and more elegant." The goal is for "more continuous gameplay - with less of a wait between moves."

Finally, the Create-a-Soul feature will be making a return.

Expect to see the first bits of gameplay released for SoulCalibur V at E3 this June. SoulCalibur V is currently slated for a 2012 release.