Skyforge New Horizons Update Introduces Players to Terra

By Rebecca Smith,
The first update of the year has arrived for Skyforge. New Horizons introduces players to a new planet and a new enemy, as well as making changes to the Directives of the Council of Gods interface, bastions, divine specialisations, the scaling system, and more.

Planet Terra is covered with ruined cities, wastelands, and jungles that are inhabited by the Phytonides. It is here where they build ships and armies used to invade Aelion, so they must be stopped. There's also air pollution exceeding safe limits in many places, perhaps an indication of a past war. Finally, the new enemy, the Draconid, lives there. They're anthropomorphic lizards that are collecting resources on the planet. While not hostile at the moment, players need to collect information on both the planet and the Draconids' military prowess.

Players will need to set up a base station on Terra before setting up an expeditionary program. The programs are a new gameplay mechanic for players to manage the development of a new area. As players gather more information and upgrade the program, they'll be able to reinforce their base and change the world to make it more inhabitable. They'll also unlock new story chapters, special missions, adventures, rewards, and further programs.

Because of the new content, the update will also bring along a new interface, as well as changes to bastions, divine specialisations, and the scaling system. You can check out the official site for more details on all of these. Meanwhile, the full patch notes can be found here.

New Horizons is due to be released on Xbox One today, April 11th, so keep your eyes open for a patch.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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