ARK: Survival Evolved Character Loss Issues Stop the Auto-Decay Timer

By Rebecca Smith, 10 days ago
Last week, Studio Wildcard introduced some changes into ARK: Survival Evolved. While a game update is nothing unusual, the problem with this one was that it caused the vaults of some players to be completely destroyed and for them to lose items. To try and solve this problem, the studio decided to roll back the servers to the state they were in before the changes were made. Despite this, there are still issues with duping, lost characters, and lost progress that are still occurring, and the developer wanted to update players on the situation and the steps they're taking in the meantime.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Players who have lost items or characters because of the rollbacks are encouraged to submit a support ticket. Once the ticket has been received, the team tries to arrange an appointment to discuss the issues in person. There are so many tickets, though, that rather than the response time being the typical couple of days, it is now far longer. Studio Wildcard apologises for the wait and they're looking into "additional ways for Customer Service to be able to address some tickets without needing to meet in-person", which would mean faster resolutions.

In the meantime, while the problem is being sorted, the team has disabled the auto-decay timer on the official network until Customer Service has dealt with the backlog. At the moment, the timer will be disabled for a month, so players do not need to log on to prevent structures and tames from decaying automatically. A week before the timer is due to be turned on, Studio Wildcard will give notice of the upcoming change.

If you're one of the players affected by the issue, make sure to submit a support ticket and wait for the team to get back to you — hopefully your lost progress will be sorted out.

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Rebecca Smith
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